PE-MU 3.70

watch ( on viewer, image list in folder ),convert,image search,trim,color tone,manage,
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For the selection of the photograph of the digital camera.
For the image reduction/compression of the WEB site/email attached photograph/image.
For the collective file names change.
For the search of the resemblance image and the selection.
For the management of the image such as a Windows application/presentation/postcard/name card.

PE-MU is the Graphics Manager running under Windows95,98,ME,NT4.0,2000,XP .
With PE-MU, You can watch ( on viewer, image list in folder ),convert,image search,
rename,copy,move files and folders,trim,create Automatic animated GIF,
change the color tone, print a Mini-Photograph .
It is compatible with image formats such as GIF,JPEG,EXIF,JPEG2000(JP2,J2K,JPC),
English and Japanese Windows Environment compatible.
PE-MU has more Functions than Our Picture Exhibitor.

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